Feeling Super in September - Part 1

I love September.

I got married in September. Bought my first house in September. I get to celebrate my husband's birthday in September. There's a lot of good things that happen every year and so many blessings to be thankful for.

This year, I"m taking a different approach. Instead of focusing on myself and all the things I have done for myself, I want to focus my attentions on others. Every month I host one health and fitness challenge where I helps others, as well as myself, stay consistent in their healthy eating and exercise. This month I want to help as many people as I can and in doing so also help my sister. 


Ok, so I got a little emotional, but when you love your family you just can't help it. I mean sister stuff is all over the place. How can I not think about her.
I have a 4 yr old and 15 mo old in the house. Disney is playing all day long until Daddy gets home. It's its not Frozen this, its Elena that. 
Who's Princess Elena? Only the first Latina princess EVER!! Check out her Facebook page if you want more details. I digress.
To get more information continue on reading or head over to my Facebook Event. Please join me and my team as we better ourselves and better the lives of my sister and her family.

Who is Rachel?

My sister Rachel is 6 years older than me and lives in Idaho with her husband Rik, daughter Kayla and son Kaleb. They are just as loving and devoted in their Christian faith as they have been in serving their community.
Rik and Rachel met in high school, fell in love, and were married at the age of 18. Soon after graduation Rik join the US Army and served 4 years active duty and 8 in The Reserves. During his time in the Reseves, he also worked in the Houston EMT/Fire deparment as well as continuing on with a college degree in banking which later lead him to work for Bank of America.
I am so impressed with him. He is a true jack of all trades from his military, medical and banking skills, he has even delievered a handful of babies into this world during his years as an EMT.
Whoa! my husband nearly passed out the first time I gave birth! ....sorry Babe. 
Kudos brother-in-law. Kudos in deed.
During all this time Rachel has stood by him raising their two amazing children, now 14 and 13. Not only have she homeschool them all these years, she has been an active member in her church and community, as well as source of knowledge for organic and healthy living.
Long before it became trendy to eat clean and organic, Rachel has been juicing, teaching her kids to healthy as well as staying active. She has ran 5ks, colors runs, charity walks and even been that crazy neighbor jogging down a dirt road in front of her house in the country in a little town call Cuero, Texas, population 6800.
Now they live in Idaho where healthy, orangic food is not only hard to find but twice as expensive. Her live depends on eating far more cleanly than ever before. In order to beat this breast cancer, she has to do 30-day juicing cleanses every quarter, which easily rack up $500 in oraganic groceries not to mention their normal groceries for the rest of the family and pills that she takes every month...another $500 out of pocket.
So all my commissions from this September challenge will be going towards her medical needs. I hope you join in the challenge. 
Please head over the the Facebook Event for all the details as well as how you can earn reward points to the shop just for participating....on yeah and your cut of 1.3 million dollars!
Ready to join!? Order your kit ---> HERE
Happy Tuesday,