About Me


Thanks for checking out my shop!

I began sewing at the age of 8, learning hand embroidery from my Mexican grandmother and machine sewing with my mother on her Singer. I quickly fell in love with color, pattern and creating things with my own hands.

I have been in the fitness industry since the age of 22. I trained in the arts of Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and was a personal trainer for several big corporate gyms in Texas, DC, Pennsylvania as well as had my own personal training business. I graduated from Temple University in Philadelphia in 2013 and had planned to go onto Physical Therapy school following graduation. Then that funny thing called Life through a wrench in my plans and I ended up getting married and began my family before moving on to grad school.

In 2015 and while awaiting the birth of my second daughter Keira, I began online coaching. Instead of nesting I was inspired by my fitness during my pregnancy and all the wonderful people I began meeting through social media. At that time I focused my creative spirit into fitness clothing and that rest is history.

In January of 2016 I purchased my first screen printing press and have continued to improve the quality of my shirts as well as the various inks and techniques used to make them.

Everything in my shop is manually screen printed or handmade by me in a smoke-free environment. I am doing the best I can to make sure everything leaves on time....even if that means the occasional printing session ending at 5 am when my husband wakes for work.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support and patronage. You have no idea how your purchases (both positive and negative) affect me and my family.



Vanessa D